Impart Your Golf Knowledge as One of Our Instructors


Become a Golf Instructor

Due to the extreme growth in the popularity of this method, we are constantly bombarded by those seeking a local instructor. Currently, the demand exceeds the supply of qualified instructors. Since this swing is so different (yet still not looking all that different from conventional swings), common golf instruction does not work with it. As a matter of fact, any of the common golf swing elements that are inserted into the motion cause failure.

To remedy this situation, we have decided to offer an in-depth Instructor’s Program in order to expand our unique teaching of the golf swing to others worldwide. This is a wonderful ground floor opportunity to become a certified instructor of this unique golf method. Once accredited, the new instructor will get a large protected territory and a listing among our accredited instructors.

Our training program is intense. An instructor is trained to totally understand the motion and is shown the secrets to visually spotting the root causes of any swing errors. Many drills are learned to quickly solve these errors. This gives the new instructor powerful tools to be able to quickly make a real difference in raising the students' skill level to play the game to their best individual ability.

Perfect Swing Instructors create good ball-strikers much more quickly than any other instruction method. This causes rapid demand for their services and brings many new students. Once armed with this knowledge, the instructor will be able to quickly improve his or her own swing as well as their students’.

While it is desirable for the instructor to be able to demonstrate their own ability with this method, it is far more important for the instructor to be able to teach others to do it. Thus, an instructor could be wheelchair bound and still be a viable candidate, provided they obtain the training and understanding necessary to impact their students effectively. It is good to remember that Mike Tyson could always beat up his trainer.

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