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Our Instructors

Our accredited instructors have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure your success.

CLASS A INSTRUCTORS have the training to teach on the professional level.

CLASS B INSTRUCTORS have the training to teach all amateurs up to the professional level.

Dan Shauger

Master Golf Instructor
Dan Shauger is a professional instructor and the author of "How To Kill The Ball" and "The 21st. Century Golf Swing" and many instructional DVDs. He is the Master instructor of the ‘A Perfect Swing’ method—the best swing ever conceived. Most students have cut their handicap in half after only a few lessons while greatly increasing their distance. Those who study longer get longer.

Los Angeles, CA
(714) 699 6258

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Elaine M. Shauger

If need help email, this is my A Perfect Swing Golf Company
Apple Valley, CA &

Anthony Robinson

Anthony Robinson

Class A Instructor
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David Bernacki

Class A Instructor

Cedar Rapids, IA
(319) 361-5562

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Rene Grandmaison

Class A Instructor
20220824_215041_HDR (2) Martin Stecher Instructor

Martin Stecher

Class A Instructor

Nienburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

20210703_071422_HDR (1)

"Rocky" Kinsey

Class A Instructor
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Jim Liska

Class A Instructor

Pittsburgh, PA

  • 2-time REMAX World Long Driving
    Championship Qualifier, 2005-2006
  • 1ST Runner Up (to John Marshall), ALDA Super Senior Long Driving National Championship, 2006
20210702_145440_HDR (3)

John Marshall

Class A Instructor

Atlanta, GA

  • ALDA Super Senior National Long Driving Champion 2005–2006
  • 2006 REMAX World Championship Qualifier
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BJ (Billy) Hathaway

Class A Instructor

Augusta, GA

Washing Rd, 30904

Wheeler Rd, 30909

(706) 836-4330


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Eddie Dennis

Class A Instructor

Portland, OR

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Mr. Katsumi Ono

Class A Instructor


Tokyo, Japan
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Pat Kadlec

Pat Kadlec

Class A Instructor
Jaacob-Bowden-Narrow (1)

Jaacob Bowden

Class A Instructor

Detroit, MI
2003 Pinnacle Distance Challenge Champion


William Wetere

Class A Instructor

Don A. Skulkan

Class A Instructor
310 Calle Becerra
Walnut CA, 91789  
                  (480) 332-0735
montgomery lam

Montgomery Lam

Class A Instructor
20220823_014803_HDR (4) Tom Duke second size

Tom Duke

Class B Instructor

Boynton Beach, FL

We have several students currently working on their accreditation as certified instructors of ‘A Perfect Swing’ golf method, soon to be added to this directory. Interested in becoming an instructor?